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About Us

In ABS, we are all passionate with quality, simplicity and flexibility, which are duly reflected in our products. Products are designed skillfully and are made of superior quality materials providing solidity, durability and above all trust.

ABS is one of the leading suppliers of Ironmongery, Signage and Flooring products.

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It is always our endeavor to help you for the best design solutions. You visualize and choose the form, the function and the finish while the rest assured by ABS. You will have the best combination of style, effectiveness and efficiency.

ABS is a Building Construction Authority (BCA) registered sub-contractor. We are honoured to receive Singapore Outstanding Enterprise Award and Bizsafe Certificate Level 3. Most of our products are tested to CE/ EN European Standard, SS332:2007 Singapore Standard, Green Label and Certificate of Fire-rated Ironmongery etc respectively.

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Nowadays, with our headquarter located in Singapore, ABS has established branch offices in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing as well as a sales representative in Jakarta and more.

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Since 1983, ABS Building Products has provided quality Building Hardware and Signage products to the construction industry. Being the authorized distributor for ABS, ASSA, CES, DANSIGN, DORMA, FORMANI, HALLIDAY & BAILLIE, MINUSCO, NEMEF, ROCKY MOUNTAIN, TOPP, WEST and some other prestigious brands in selected countries in Asia, we do not only supply but also provide design specification works for both the contractors and designers market.

Email to directly to specify below products.

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  • BADENWerkz

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We are proud to complete successfully in various types of projects in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Macau and etc.

The projects listed are located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur except otherwise stated.

  • DBS Bank

  • Hong Leong Group

  • HSBC

  • Sephora

  • Shaw House

  • The Body Shop

  • Architectural Service Department Hong Kong

  • Land Transport & Authority

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Monetary Authority of Singapore

  • Supreme Court Singapore

  • KK Women's and Children's Hospital

  • National Dental Centre Singapore

  • National Eyes Centre

  • National University of Hospital

  • Ren Ci Community Hospital

  • Tan Tock Seng Hospital

  • Carlton Hotel

  • Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts

  • MGM Grand

  • Pan Pacific Hotel

  • Regal Hotels

  • Shangri-La Hotel

  • ITE Singapore

  • National University of Singapore

  • Republic Polytechnic Singapore

  • Singapore American School

  • The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • The Open University of Hong Kong

  • Alila Hotel Bali

  • Aman Resorts, Bhutan

  • Changi Beach Park

  • Como Hotels & Resorts, Maldives

  • Kandooma Maldives

  • Sembawang Country Club

  • 18 Shelford Road

  • Iringan Hijau,
    Kuala Lumpur

  • Orchard Scotts Residences

  • Punggol Sapphire

  • Tribeca Residences

  • Viva

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Top Quality Assured

Simple design, solid durability and variety of functions are the three cornerstones of all ABS hardware. Behind the minimalistic exterior hide’s cutting edge technology combined with world leading craftsmanship that ensures strength and functionality. It leads ABS a life-long hardware solution, as well as a concrete quality commitment.

Major products

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detail view
Door Control

detail view
Door System

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view
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Professional locksmith service

  • Restricted to key blanks available only through ABS
  • Key duplication only possible with pre-agreed authorization
  • With components made in Germany / Austria, in-house cylinder assembly allowing extremely short lead time as well as the fastest response time
  • Country of Origin stated as Germany / Austria as 80% of the goods made in their home countries

  • Instant cancellation of lost or stolen keys
  • No wiring: battery-operated system
  • Time schedules and entry restrictions c/w audit trails
  • Impossible to manipulate the system or copy keys
  • High security via high resistance, hardened anti-drill protection
  • Combination of electronic and mechanical security
  • All communications between the carrier and the electronic cylinder encrypted and secured
  • Mifare technology providing a platform for other access control & stored value functions
  • Choices of different cam and cylinder profiles: Euro profile, ANSI Mortises, Scandinavian Oval, RIM, Cam Locks and Padlocks.

  • Pinning to sub- and grand master key system to customer’s requirements
  • Built-in construction keying system possible for all cylinders offered by ABS
  • User dictated master keying system with allowances for future expansion
  • ABS plenty of job references with more than 4,000 openings
  • Side pinning keying system offering no limitation of the masterkey system

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System & Flexible Sign

Our signage system is easy to change but tamper proof. At every stage, the signs remain visual complete and securely fastened. In addition, the range of profiles, colors and typefaces provides you with utmost versatility.

Being light and durable, polycarbonate is the most common material for Dansign while her Plansign series is produced of 4mm solid aluminum with a silver anodized finish that gives a hard and resistant surface. There are unique materials such as glass and wood. The choice of material makes the system suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor environments.

Dansign magnetic locking system is simple. A hidden spring lock integrated in the sign locks the sign when it is mounted. The sign is released by the use of the magnetic key, which is so unique that one will not easily find similar one in the market.

Installation Dansign is straight-forward and easy. It is mounted on the hidden bracket by custom-made aluminum that meshes with the grooves on the back of the sign.


detail view

detail view

detail view

Kimsign is ABS' in-house brand of customized signage which offers a complete tailor-made solution from the smallest door sign to a monolith or building top development sign. In additional to the standard signage system, our expertise also lines in Braille sign, LED digital sign, Hoarding sign and Outdoor Billboard sign.

Kimsign offers a comprehensive signage solution inclusive of the signage design consultancy. Comprehensive signage drawings and installation details will be provided upon requests.

detail view

detail view
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  • Made from a mixture of recycled plastic and waste wood fibre, Wood-Thermo Plastic Composite (WPC)
  • Recycled plastic (50%) such as Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) are used to reinforce the mechanical strength of the use of waste wood fibre ( 50% ) collected from construction sites contributes to its wood-like texture.
  • Stylish with Balinese relaxed atmosphere and at the same time to enhance well-being and happiness
  • 10-year warranty to achieve a sustainable life
    * T & C apply
  • High durability
  • Splinter free
  • Weather / Termite resistant
  • Easy to install
  • No treatment needed
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Environmental friendly

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view

detail view
  • Green Label Certified by Singapore Environmental Council (SCE)
  • Conform to British Standard 476:Part 7:1997
  • Conform to EN 14041:2004/AC:2006
  • Passed Test of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for authorization published by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
  • Exceeds the requirements for homes standard landscape decking in LEED
  • EPA’s Region 6 Partnership Environmental Excellence Award 1999
  • U.S patent #5759680 and is covered under NER-596 Award
  • U.S Green Building Council Member

ABS also supplies natural outdoor timber, mainly Balau and Chennai, with a great variety of different sizes, to meet the design requirements of your swimming pools, gardens and other landscape areas.

In additional to the decking, ABS also builds trellis, planter box, fence, pagoda, roof top, external wall and so on with both the natural and composite timber.


detail view

ABS offers durable high style but affordable vinyl floor tile / sheet which with a great variety of design with resemble numerous natural products such as wood, marble and stone. It can be developed to any design to fit in residential or commercial uses particularly where high traffic is anticipated.


detail view
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Your Total Solution

While ABS is recognized ironmongery, signage & flooring provider in partnership with the leading world brands in order to provide a comprehensive range of solution to the market.

The showcases listed are located in Singapore except otherwise stated.

Bugis Plus

The outlook of the building shows contrast between the door and hardware – a piece of solid stainless steel metal on a grey flush door.

Her "crystal mesh" facade enveloped the convex part of the building, whilst her utility doors are all covered by some "custom-designed" concealed recessed pulls allowing a complete flush perspective. The design theme was further inspired by its proximity to arts venues and tertiary institutions. There are also different sorts of ironmongery products by ABS located inside the Singapore Dance Theatre.

Changi Cove Hotel

This hotel showcases old world grandeur and dignity for special occasions.

The Renaissance look in the building was enhanced by ABS tailored made Victoria Style hardware, with pieces such as the brass-made Parliament Hinges, Barrel Bolt, Door Stopper, as well as the REGUITTI and KAWAJUN lever handles.

Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong

Clear Water Bay is always one of the most prestigious lifestyle areas in Hong Kong.

The 3-storey bungalow’s highlight is its ROCKY MOUNTAIN door furniture, as well as all other European ironmongery which are of high-quality custom bronze pieces, provided by ABS.

Cluny Hill – C Residence

Designed by Z Arch, C Residence is one of the limited few grandeur bungalows located in GCB zoned areas.

ABS chose classic and timeless hardware, all in bronze finishes, such as HALLIDAY & BAILLIE, CES and FSB. The ambience within Cluny Hill exhibited the European/New Zealand door ironmongery. In addition, DORIC window stays and multi-point locks are also installed to provide a complete hardware system.

Hamilton Scotts

Being Asia’s award-winning residence with an en-suite elevated sky garage, Hamilton Scotts is a luxurious Condominium.

Fitting with the classy ambience, ABS shortlisted a series of high quality door ironmongery such as lockcases, cylinders and shower hinges under DORMA brand - a prestigious German manufacturer with 100 years of history. To heighten the lavish and impressive scenery, ABS also custom made BLACK POWDERED COATED door hardware to go with the tone of the OLIVARI lever handles.

Iringan Hijau, Kuala Lumpur

The architect specially designed a 110mm thick door with acrylic cladding. ABS was commissioned to tailor-make a SLIM and GEOMETRIC design of a stainless steel lever handle with high security comprising of a cylinder with special length.

To enhance the feel of the development within the embassy area, D-LINE sanitary-wares were subtly installed. All these door hardware and sanitary-ware solutions, together with the fair face concrete facade, portrayed a humble yet elegant overall design theme of the development.

Lucas Studio

Security was the No. 1 concern of this American film company. The hardware supplied by ABS gave peace of mind to all the users in the premises and yet the convenience and aesthetic outlook was not jeopardized.

High security hardware from ABS, ASSA, ORBIS and CRL generated a synergy effect to give a modern and secured Studio.

Open University of Hong Kong

"Open" is the key word. Giving special thanks to BRIO’s heavy duty sliding/ slide & fold door system, ABS ironmongery designers managed to provide an enlarged open space for the campus without any intermediate interfering columns.

The spacious concept was further enhanced by use of COLCOM glass hardware which allowed frameless glass panels on both interior and exterior space.

Paterson Collection

A prime, high-end condominium alongside Paterson Road towers 19 storeys.

Custom-made 900mm length solid timber pull handle on the main entrance at Paterson simply enhanced the image of a luxurious home. The design intent is further enhanced by a pair of KAWAJUN lever handles in GREY CHROME and GREY PEARL finish, reflecting an internal humble character of the building.

Paterson Suites – M Residence

Mrs M's Japanese interior designer had specially chosen TWO BY PIET BOON series, under the FORMANI brand door ironmongery as the major hardware line for this prestigious condo unit. All FORMANI series are original designs created by top Dutch designers.

The uniqueness of the door ironmongery design is further enforced by D-LINE pocket door hardware. Her recess handle and lock match perfectly the aesthetic and functional aspects.

Sentosa Cove

Sentosa Cove is the centrepiece of Singapore’s billion-dollar Master Plan for Sentosa Island.

Within the high profile bungalow, our ironmongery designers provided human touch customized ABS ironmongery selection inclusive of JEAN NOVELL timber handle in teak, ABS butterfly hinges and LOCKTRONIX electronic access to have a blend of classical yet a contemporary lifestyle.

South Beach

Being a mixed development, South Beach is strategically located on Beach Road bordering Singapore’s Central Business District. It seamlessly blends the four historic buildings on site with two new towers to feature offices, luxury residences, a designer hotel, retail spaces and an exclusive membership club.

Adding to the glamour of South Beach, one of the finest brands, OLIVARI handles were subtly to be shortlisted by the Designer. While history meets contemporary living, it facilitates dual functions to redefine the concept of inner city living to world class standards both for heritage conservation and lavish modern experience.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

TTSH constantly challenges itself to provide better, safer, higher security environment for its patients.

To achieve this, the hospital chose ABS as its ironmongery partner to provide grab bars within the handicapped toilets, mechanical digital locks and a full range of ASSA door hardware, from Sweden, offering the highest security as well as the safest hardware to the hospital.

Temasek Polytechnic

Temasek Polytechnic is a leading institution of higher learning in Singapore.

Through means of ABS’ in-house LOCKSMITHING service, 4000 doors with different cylinder profiles can be opened by just one single MASTERKEY, with a possibility of future expansion.

The Venetian, Macau

ABS made use of a variety of American and European door hardware to meet the highest demand of durability, security as well as aesthetic requirements of the client. ABS tended to clients such as ADAMS RITE, DORMA, FSB, PERMKO, RAVEN & YALE. The highlight of all the ironmongeries is the huge tailored made "DYNASTY" pull handles with a fusion of antique oriental and Western Palace feel.

ABS also electroplated most of the floor spring, hinges, locks and even door accessories to antique brass finish in order to blend with the grandeur image of the casino hotel.

Boathouse Residences

Inspired by the luxury of riverine living, Boathouse Residences is an exclusive development embracing one with the finest that life has to offer.

The team of KIMSIGN, being the flagship in-house brand of ABS, provides a one-stop signage solution from conceptual design to installation, from construction drawing to completion inspection just within 3 months which is definitely a remarkable record within the trade.

Every detail is thoughtfully crafted and designed in mind. A wide range of selection such as 5 meter long aluminum front lit box-up development sign, directional signs at car park, warning signs at swimming pool and just name a few.

Hong Leong Building

A high-rise skyscraper within the central business district of Singapore serves her as the flagship of the property and banking conglomerate.

Positively commented by the owner, DANSIGN is the smartest choice among the other signage suppliers. A system signage from Denmark that can be changed and updated easily by means of just a magnet provided flexibility for estate management to cope with fast changing space requirements.

Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mount Alvernia Hospital is the first private hospital in Singapore located in Thomson Road.

Utilizing the capability of DANSIGN, ABS not only helped the hospital to upgrade its signage system into four languages, it also provided a signage platform which allows the hospital to change its usage of space much easier than before.

North Spring Biz Hub

With ABS custom-made outdoor LED development sign at the top of building, the uniqueness and local recognition of the building was enhanced.

Those internal acrylic and painted signs suggested nothing but an efficient yet economical business space within the Yishun area.

Buangkok Vale

Buangkok Vale is a wonderful residential area that provides a truly 'GREEN' living environment.

Meshing with ABS's re-engineering timber products - such as TIMBER POST, BENCHES, TRELLIS etc., it created the entire warm and cosy feel. ABS paid tribute to displays of excellence in the built environment in the areas of quality, sustainability and user-friendliness in Buangkok Vale.

Prive Condominium

Prive Condominium is awarded Green Mark Gold Plus.

The landscape deck by HINGSWOOD, re-engineering timber with lush landscaping and water-features designed with barriers and swimming pool complimented the Prive Condominium. It greatly enhanced the image of a luxurious and relaxing home that everyone hopes to live in.

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